Use InheritSoft to mould your strategic vision into reality to keep pace with the constant changing World. This works parallel to our vision to make the World better place to live through quality software development which makes life easy for mankind.

InheritSoft started in Pune India in 2017. We have a vision to occupy a leading position to provide services and solutions in the fields of Software Development. Over the past 2 years InheritSoft has remarkable track record in customer satisfaction, innovation, sales and profitability. The upturn of the company has been made possible with the continuous enhancement of competence in technology, project management and customer focus.

Our motive is to offer world-class quality solutions at a very reasonable cost. Our software development team specializes in Mobile Applications and Website Designing & Development.

InheritSoft allows you to cut production costs without the need to compromise on either speed or quality. Your operation becomes adaptable to increasingly complex and rapidly changing business environment. We are committed to build long-term relationship with the Clients and continuously build their trust in our services and mutually fruitful benefits. Thus, InheritSoft works on following parameters:

Talent availability on short notice – In this unpredictable era, necessity can pop up anytime and for that we at InheritSoft are always prepared.

Reduce business scalability risk- Reduce this risk by decreasing errors, increasing compliance, and offering scalability. InheritSoft stands strong and agile in the face of impending change.

Reduce delivery risk- Embrace the Unknown:Agility, Identify and Address Technical Risks Early, Release Frequently and Test Thoroughly, Engage Users Early and Often in Your Project are our few ways to make delivery of the project smooth.

Reduce Delivery Time- Document, define and manage requirements from day 1, Implement the prototype model in both systems and software definition phases, Document the defects, Early user acceptance testing and QA all the way are the measures InheritSoft assures.

Reduce & control cost- Defining and developing software doesn’t have to be costly if development teams implement cost saving strategies throughout the SDLC. By leveraging resources such as prototyping tools, quality assurance and user testing, and agile requirements management, we can bring down software development costs.

Our Aim

  • Client and customer satisfaction with quality product.
  • When complexity stands in your way. We can help with promising solutions.
  • InheritSoft brings strategy, time management and product design, combined with digital engineering excellence. We help our clients become data-led businesses.
  • We create products which customers love.
  • We take care quality of the product and trust of the clients.
  • Product with latest technology and updates.

Our Key Points

  • Agile Software development.
  • Experienced, expert consulting.
  • We engineer products and services designed to meet rapidly changing, and constantly evolving markets.
  • We’re a business aligned technology services provider.
  • Leverage our systems integration experience and methodologies to assure a successful outcome every time.
  • An application is only as good as its architecture and engineering.
  • Our developers are amongst the most highly trained in the world.
  • We bring cutting edge technology and techniques to the enterprise.

Our Speciality

  • Software/product development with agile methodology.
  • Maintains proper coding standard of every product and for each platform.
  • Continuous delivery – Delivery products on time with quality as per commitment.
  • Open source software.
  • Best in all architectures.
  • Product data security.
  • Cloud services
  • Help to start up companies with good ideas.

Expertise in Technologies

We try to achieve excellence in our development, it’s important that no single area of expertise is overlooked: as you scale faster and continue to build new products and features, you’ll want to work emerging talents in the industry who have knowledge of the newest tools and techniques. Our unique range of skills and expertise below allows us to solve a wide variety of complex problems.

o Mobile (iOS-Objective-C and Swift, Android-Java & Kotlin, Windows- .Net and Cross Platform)
o PHP & HTML Design (Portal and API Development)
o .Net (Portal and API Development)
o Graphics Designs
o Zend
o Symfony
o Laravel
o AngularJS
o Xamarin
o ReactJS
o Node.js